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April 2012

"Jennifer Parsignault's musical abilities stem beyond the conventional realms of solid vocals, introspective lyrics, and bountiful instrumentations, because her music has the healing abilities to relax and soothe your soul. Parsignaultís powerful 5th studio album, EDEN, takes advantage of musicís healing powers by enlisting your ears on a journey of peace and self-reflection. Her music is intimate while reaching for the spark of the divine. And what gives Eden a distinctive character is the believable way Parsignault weaves her own spiritual journey into her songs. Jennifer Parsignault, a pianist and violinist, testifies to her own passage with humility and taste. And the film and television industries agree that Jennifer Parsignault is a very positive force and musician to be reckoned with. Her music has appeared in independent films by Lions Gate and her television credits include; Dawsonís Creek, MTV's "Undressed", A&Eís Biography, just to name a few. Eden is a very good album with enough production value and mainstream appeal. Itís easily accessible to multitudes of music lovers in search of their true purpose in life. It has the potential to be among the spiritual albums of the year leaving a lasting impression on the listener every time."

Andi Garibaldi - Dead Earnest/CD Services
From the Dark

February 2006

“…She sings the ballads with passion, heart and soul, emotion pouring out of every second, the result not a dry eye in the house. A track such as the wondrously languid final track on the album, 'Back Home' possessing all the qualities of a great ballad well sung - with excellent lyrics of the heartfelt variety, plenty of liquid piano work, extra textures courtesy of organ, deep bass and multi-tracked choruses, while Jennifer's vocal just soars like a bird in flight on a song that is a positive anthem, never mind just a ballad, and the best end to a remarkable album that you could imagine. Elsewhere, she starts with 'Orbit Again' here setting the scene with a strong sounding song full of high register lead vocal and gorgeous multi-tracked choruses, while the lead work is from piano, distant organ and the whole thing is propelled by tight and slowly flowing bass and drums, on a song that is really uplifting at the same time as being heartfelt and even a bit of Bruce Hornsby in term of its structure. After this, 'On The Outside' is my favourite track on the album, just oozing warmth and passion, the lead and multi-tracked vocals just superbly delivered above the strongly flowing, full-sounding backing from piano, organ, bass and drums, the whole thing having the feel in parts of that Enya-Kate Bush cauldron to which I alluded earlier on, and one stunning track."

Maurice Edwards - EOM Entertainment
From the Dark

April 23, 2005

"An excellent example of what a great Pop record is supposed to sound like. From The Dark embodies sincere vocals, complimented by well crafted songs written by Parsignault, and is carefully balanced with reflective but sophisticated musical arrangements. From The Dark displays a strong caring spirit about it, a spirit that easily makes following along with Jennifer on her musical quest an enjoyable experience. She will simply blow your mind on "On the Outside" and mess with your heart and spirit on "Last Dance", "Back Home", and "Found".

Laura Turner Lynch -
From the Dark

May 2005

"Jennifer is a commanding, operatic vocalist who sings with both passion and authority. She pens personal, reflective songs with complex arrangements. This nine song plus bonus track CD showcases the versatility of Jennifer's range and styles. 'Orbit Again' has rich, poetic lyrics layered over subtle vocals that build as the song progresses on opulent piano chords and a sassy sax accent. 'September Winter' is seasoned with beautiful vocals combined with intricate instrumentation. 'Fragile' is another standout with its stellar vocals and lush instrumentation, especially the string sections."

Kenny Hart -
From the Dark

March 5, 2005

"This is a collection of deeply spiritual love songs with a new-yet-familiar quality. The new part is easy - Parsignault has a fresh approach to lyrics. But all of these comparisons mask the truth that Parsignault's voice has a universal, timeless quality. She speaks through the piano, or perhaps the piano is speaking through her. But what a perfect medium she makes! She has one of those voices that can reach through the deepest clouds of gloom and brighten the darkest night of the soul."

Gary Vollono -
From the Dark

November 2004

"Sticking with the Pure Adult Contemporary style, Jennifer delivers a 9 song CD that gathers around her stunningly beautiful vocals of amazing range (a cross between Kate Bush and Tori Amos) and her masterful piano and keyboard arrangements (drawing to mind Elton John and Keith Emerson), and is accented by her virtuoso violin talent. She accompanies herself on all the backing and harmony vocals, set within marvelously meticulous arrangements and full studio productions that show a true artistic touch to the craft of mastering. Balanced between full backing band accompaniment of songs (that would be right at home in the concert hall or on the dance floor) and sparse piano ballad, nightclub, torch songs, From The Dark pulls its range from the cannons of such illuminaries as Streisand, Minelli, and Midler, while becoming everything Linda Ronstadt always wanted to be."

Collected Sounds
Anna-Maria Stjarnell

October 2004

After an acoustic ep we now have a fresh album from Jennifer Parsignault. Her trademark lush sound and ethereal vocals are retained. "Orbit Again" is a hopeful and sweet opener. There are shades of Enya in the pretty, layered "On the Outside". Parsignault sings as wonderfully as she did on her previous cd "Oh, My". The reflective lyrics sit well with the gorgeous melody. Parsignault's voice sounds alike Kate Bush here, which is always a great thing.

By Jennifer Layton

January 3, 2004

This is beautiful. It's like Barbra Streisand and Enya recorded an album together, and Stevie Nicks stopped by to lend her aura. Jennifer Parsignault's songwriting has a touch of gospel, and her voice has a touch of dreamland. This is sensually spiritual music. A soft orchestra of piano, cello, and violins create perfectly lush musical surroundings for that voice. Parsignault's vocal is sweet, yet mature. There's no floating away on a pink cloud here – her voice conveys wisdom and insight, characteristics granted to those who have already been down some treacherous roads. What impresses me most about Parsignault's voice is what she doesn't do with it. With such operatic vocal power, she could have easily pulled a Celine Dion and gone haywire on the emotional theatrics. Instead, she forgoes that kind of nonsense and sings with quiet authority. The emotions are much more clear when they're so simply conveyed. The best example of this is the gospel-fueled title track. No overwrought preaching. Just a deep, strong, husky voice singing, “I believe in love.” This CD is elegant and warm. This music stirs the soul and rekindles embers in the heart. I don't think Parsignault will be an indie artist much longer.

John Jorgenson - INDIEFAN.COM
Oh, My

December 2002

"….Jennifer's voice has that breathy quality that draws me in. On the title track "Oh, My", a break-beat ballad, she immediately displays her air-worthiness. Her self-written lyrics are introspective and spiritual without becoming dark or sappy. I got the sense that I was being allowed to listen-in to her internal conversations – wishes….."Prayer for St. Symin" Jennifer's vocals evoke comparisons to Enya and her talents as a violinist are beautifully captured.”

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